A group can help your running!

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Are you lacking motivation? Are you looking to get better at one aspect of running?

I find group running can help since it brings camaraderie into the picture. It makes you accountable too if you told 5 of your running friends you will join them for the weekend’s long run. It can also teach you a few things since people from all walks (runs?) of life can be there and you need something to talk about on those long runs!

I enjoy group running since it can introduce me to new people, new styles, new philosophies and also new experts.

See below for some great group runs I participate in the Ottawa area:

  • Lululemon Run Club: If you didn’t know, most Lululemon stores have a Run Club. I lead a lot of the Thursday night runs out of the Rideau Store and then Jenna (another wonderful Ambassador) usually leads the Sunday one. Thursdays start at 5:30pm and we usually do between 4-7k at a leisurely pace and Sunday’s group meets at 9.30 and runs a bit longer with multiple options every week. The Westboro store also has a Tuesday night run at 5pm sharp!
  • Natural Fitness Lab: Dave McMahon and Lise Meloche (both former Olympians) lead some trail runs every week. I took part in their longer trail run last Sunday and it was 2 hours+ of pure pleasure discovering new trails with about 30 new friends! See their site for all the details on their Tuesday and Sunday runs.

Some people think that running is a solo sport and I’m with you people as well. I do the majority of my runs on my own. And I was just reading trainer extraordinaire Pam Mazzuca’s blog about how running is all for herself and about herself so I had to share!

How do you like your runs? Do you do the majority of them alone or in groups?

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