A good breath, is it in you?

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I attended a great session at CanFitPro Calgary on breathing in exercise last weekend. As important as breathing is in life (as in you can’t really do much if you can’t breathe), we don’t really think about it much in our day-to-day or even when we’re exercising.

I’m guilty of this as well as I usually don’t really get into breathing in my intro to ChiRunning workshops unless someone asks. After doing some more thinking, that will most likely change.

I have seen through yoga and CR that breathing is paramount and it can really take the enjoyment of whatever activity you’re doing to the next level. Breathing properly also helps the body do its job by bringing oxygen to the right body parts.

I’ve learned that if I encounter a stressful or hectic situation, I can relax my mind and my body by focusing on my breathing for a minute or two. I’ve applied those lessons to my daily life to get mini mind breaks in the middle of a busy day.

One of the lessons that I took away from the weekend session by a Chek Institute trainer was that breathing can really help when you’re moving, lifting weights or simply trying to recover the next day. Simply listening to the natural rhythm of your body can do wonders for you workouts and your stress levels.

I would love to share more on the presentation, let me know if you would like more information.

Until next time, breathe easy and deeply!

4 Responses to A good breath, is it in you?

  1. tania says:

    One of the beauties of yoga is the emphasis on the breath :)

  2. Breathing has proven to be SO important to me…starting off as a way to connect and meditate and stay present when faced with stress…”just breathe” is a mantra of mine..ask my kids – they’ll tell you lol. Amazing what a few deep breaths will do when you feel like you’re going to lose it. Now transferring that more to my running as well :) good post Eric! :)

  3. ecinc says:

    It’s almost like I’m going backwards. From running to life!
    I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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