A burger for breakfast? What?

A burger for breakfast? What?

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I felt a little weird ordering a burger for breakfast, I won’t lie. Not the usual fare for sure.

Once you get past the initial shock it’s not bad. I eat breakfast foods at night and vice versa. I guess I’m lucky I have a stomach of steel. Who said we couldn’t anyway?

Going back to the usual fare, are we better eating some cereal? Here’s a good look at how the cereal trend started all those years ago from the UK’s Guardian.

It was pretty delicious and it fit the bill. I know it wasn’t the healthiest thing on the menu but it filled me up nicely and it got me started on a protein heavy breakfast. And it wasn’t cereal (see above).

The same thing can be said about ChiRunning. I often get asked: Do I really need to be told how to run? Not really but if you want to improve your running form you’ll probably have to spend some time on it and having an experience coach lead you through it will probably speed up the process. Same thing with swimming. And golf. And just about every activity on the planet.

Sometimes you have to get over the appearance. And just look at what you’re really looking for. To me it’s all about the results and sometimes I look weird and/or silly doing something. Oh well. A bit preachy for a Saturday morning, I’m sorry.

Anyway, all I’m saying is trying new things is not always a bad thing. I do it pretty often to keep me on my toes, like last week. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and again and expecting different results?

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