5 tips to enjoy #running and stay injury-free!

5 tips to enjoy #running and stay injury-free!

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I’m on my way to Windsor this afternoon where I will be doing a talk tonight for the Running Miles group headed by Dr. Todd Small, an accomplished runner and triathlete.

Here is a summary of the five tips I will provide (minus all the hang movements):

1. Walk before you run: Running is a weight-bearing exercise so you really have to ease into it. If you haven’t run in a while (anything more than a few weeks), take your time getting back into the swing of things. You almost want to come back wanting more, not being exhausted and beat up. Your body will thank you in the long run!

2. Light n’ low (like the yogurt): One of the major problems with beginner runners is the fact that they don’t have much awareness when it comes to their form. They just go out there and run. Paying attention to your stride will automatically make you lighter on your feet. And you’re trying to get to the finish line so bouncing up and down is a bit counterproductive…

3. Swing & rotate: I know it’s a bit counter-intuitive but swinging your arms a bit more (to the rear) will actually help you relax your shoulders and the rest of your stride. If you can stabilize the shoulders, you can actually feel the effects of the hip rotation!

4. The more the merrier: Get some running friends. They become drinking friends. And you’re more likely to get out. You want to get out at least three times a week (four times is ideal) and good friends will help you do that.

5. Base before speed: I know most people want to go faster right off the bat but in my world speed is a function of form and relaxation. You can’t sprint a 5k. So work on your form and your base and relax. And watch your speed slowly creep in. Try it the other way and it’s a recipe for injuries. Trust me!

Unfortunately I can’t anticipate all of the questions but I can imagine it will be the usual suspects (shoes, shoes, breathing, speed and shoes)…

And here’s another great article by fellow ChiRunning instructor Mike Stashin on correcting overstriding, and thus heal striking.

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