5 of my favourite self care sessions these days…

5 of my favourite self care sessions these days…

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As I get older, recovery is way more important. And so is self care, especially since our lives are getting busier by the day.

I’m still very busy and active these days but it doesn’t feel as bad it seems. I think that’s mostly due to the fact I make a point to take some time for myself on a daily basis, whether it’s simply enjoying a few sips of coffee on the back deck to get the day started or doing a few of the activities below.

  • Reading: This is pretty simple. Give the body a break and feed the brain at the same time. Or get lost in a totally new world, whatever tickles your fancy. I also like to try to do passive stretches (legs up against the wall) while I do this to kill two birds with one stone.
  • Cooking: Not only is cooking very good for you physically, research shows it’s also good for emotionally as you build a connection with the food. I also find it it’s one of my favourite de-stressing activities, especially paired with some music from Dean Martin or a good boyband ballad.
  • Comedy: I’ve been consuming a lot of stand-up comedy recently and loving the mental escape. They say laughter is the best medicine and it’s good workout when you’re laughing until you cry or you can’t breathe like I did this week at a live session.
  • Cold showers: Cold showers (or a hot tub session for the wimps) is mostly about getting the blood to flow a bit more throughout the body. Another cool benefit is that it helps libido and also makes you feel hardcore (and amazing!) when you get out.
  • Easy physical activity: A nice easy ride or run with a friend feeds the soul in many ways. Just get out there and soak up some sun and catch up with an old friend. Just make you’re going slow enough to be able to have a full conversation so you’re not always taxing the fight or flight system.

So what are you doing with yourself these days for self care?

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