#31in31 Update: Consider yourself conquered!

#31in31 Update: Consider yourself conquered!

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I finished my #31in31 challenge in high fashion last night. I had to pull a double to make up for a missed run earlier in the week. And although my legs were a bit tired from a few hockey games, a long week and the runs, both runs felt great.

This challenge has not only has jumpstarted my training and built a decent base, it has also rekindled my love for running. I’m so glad I did it again.

I did it! I actually found it easier than last year. I guess it’s likes most things, it gets easier the more you do things. Granted I did a few runs on the treadmill but over 85% of the runs were done outside.

For me, it provided a great life/work balance. This made me get out at night even if I had some work to do. It also made me a bit more careful as one of the worst things to do after a short run is to pig out. You undo all of the work you just did.

It’s funny, a lot more folks showed interest in December than last year but less people kept it up, or at least communicated with me about it on Facebook and Twitter.

It was cute though, I got a few messages over the past week, including my brother, saying they were sorry that they could not complete all 31 runs.  That’s not really what it was all about.

They all did more runs than they would have done otherwise. I’m glad for that as that’s what it’s all about!

How did you do? Did you make yourself proud?


And here’s an article on the analysis of muscles used during the bicycle pedal stroke. A great way to review your cycling skills or simply to think about cycling in the warmer days coming. And they are coming, it will just be a few months still…

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