#31in31 Recap: Enjoying running in a harsh Canadian winter…

#31in31 Recap: Enjoying running in a harsh Canadian winter…

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I won’t lie, it hasn’t always been easy to get out especially in the dark and cold but I can assure you I’ve enjoyed every run I’ve been on this month.

Some people think I’m crazy running everyday, especially in the winter but it’s been just what I needed. Knowing I was accoutable to you folks kept me on track and for that I’m extremely thankful!

The one thing I’m pretty proud of is I’ve done all of my runs outside this year. And this is also without going down South even. It has been a fairly frigid January as well. And now that I’ve sold my treadmill and my gym membership has long expeired, the options are no longer there.

Like I mentioned on my blog last week, the #150in150 challenge has been quite beneficial. It’s also changed why I run, from to more of a mental/thinking break. And the benefits continue to accumulate.

I feel fitter now than I did on November 1, or January 1 even for that matter. Running has truly become effortless as it’s usually harder to get dressed than to actually run. I’m not sure if I dropped any weight as I haven’t weighted myself in months but I feel lighter and better so I’m quite happy.

It hasn’t been without any drawbacks though, like everything in life. Due to my running, my hockey schedule (I play 2-4 times a week) and my #APGala duties, I haven’t been cross-country skiing yet. I’ve also only done one snowshoe outing and same with my neighbourhood outdoor rink. Why can’t there be more hours in a day?

I’m looking forward to a few more months of everyday running, I never thought I’d say that. Who knows where this will go but I like the direction it’s taking…

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  1. Lucie Boudreau says:

    Great pic of you Eric. This year, for the first time Giorgio has kept running through the winter. He is still running injury free because he follows your chi running tips.

    Enjoy the rest of the winter.


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