#31in31 Challenge Recap: Failure!

#31in31 Challenge Recap: Failure!

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I failed. And I’m okay with that. I didn’t do 31 runs last month. I was short by 2 runs. I’m looking to concentrate on the positive and realize I did 29 runs, which is more than I probably would have done without the challenge and most likely more than the average person, since they don’t actually run…

It must be all the reading and training I’m doing in meditation since I’m really okay with the fact I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do. It was still a good month for running. Most days made me feel hardcore as my beard would freeze even on short runs. The air was fresh and a nice way to cap the day. Running also makes a good warm up for hockey or golf as I can tell you from experience.

I did the bulk of my runs in my hood, by myself. They gave me some great alone time to get my mind right. They brought up some great thoughts and I pondered about all sorts of hypotheses. And relived many great books like Spark, Bounce and the 4 Hour Workweek.

Some of the highlights were some snowshoe races, some good catch up sessions with friends, the SchoolBOX Fun Run and running with my brother and my niece (in a stroller).

I’m going to switch gears for February and get some more variety in the schedule. I’m still going to try to sweat on a daily basis but I’m gonna see how many times different exercises can do that for me every week.

I thought it was quite fitting that I taught a ChiRunning workshop on the 31st. I love passing on my passion for running so hopefully more and more people can run on a daily basis and enjoy it!

Stay tuned for a my next Cross Canada (& Beyond) Tour in March and April as recharge the batteries in February…

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