#31in31 Challenge is back!

#31in31 Challenge is back!

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This might be a bit selfish since I need to pick up the running a bit for this ultra I’m doing in March but I also did get a few requests to revive the challenge.

So here it is. Pretty simple. Get out there for a run every day in January. For the folks around here the weather and conditions will provide some extra obstacles but it’s all part of the fun. It can also be quite breathtaking, see pic above!

I really enjoyed it last year. It provided the extra little spark on days where I wasn’t as motivated. Gotta love the power of peer pressure!

I want to go 31-for-31 again in January 2013. 31 runs in 31 days baby!

The rules:

  • Run must be at least 30 minutes
  • You can skip a day but then you must run on two separate occasions for 30 minutes on a subsequent day
  • We keep each other accountable by posting results on FB/Twitter (use #31in31)/blogs
  • You can run on the treadmill but just do me a favour and concentrate on form if you do
  • Winner gets bragging rights (and working on prizes for everyone so you don’t have to be local)

So who’s in this year?

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