#150in150 Update: Practice what you preach!

#150in150 Update: Practice what you preach!

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This little challenge has been very fun and rewarding so far. 30 runs in November and my tabulator says I’m already 20% done of my 150 day challenge.

I’m not saying all of this to brag, trust me. I truly believe everyone could do this challenge as many have shown in the #31in31 challenge. It’s all about having a base and getting out there everyday. No real skill required.

I’m saying this to show you anyone can do, if an aging obese (according to my Wii) person can do it. I hadn’t been running all that much in the fall so why not set up a challenge so I can practice what I preach, aka running?

I’m averaging close to 40km’s a week and close to 4 hours of running although I did close to 50km’s this week. I don’t run with a GPS so I’m not sure. Just some guess-timates.

It’s been pretty effortless to be honest. The hardest part is getting my gear on. Once my running gear is on, I just have to pick the route for the day. Easy breezy…

We’ve been lucky, the weather has been pretty good around here. Some chilly days but nothing too crazy yet. The fun stuff is still to come and if I’m lucky it will be on race days like last year!

I’ve also had the opportunity to look at my footprints in the snow. Very telling stuff, it seems my form is not that bad. FYI, these are not my footprints on the photo above.

This daily exercise has made me feel better and especially made me feel lighter on my feet as the month progressed. I guess it’s true that practice makes perfect! I’ve been working on my hip rotation and making sure my arm swing is as relaxed as can be on my daily runs.

The challenge has also made me want to fuel myself a bit better so it can continue to feel easy and fun. And I’ve come back every day with tons of perspective and great ideas, probably the best thing about the challenge.

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