#150in150 Recap: Close but no cigar…

#150in150 Recap: Close but no cigar…

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Some of you might remember the challenge I entered in in the late fall to get my running jump-started, the lovely #150in150. It really helped my running in the winter and got me out on cold and dark winter nights when I wanted to stay in and lounge in warmth. And for your support I’m truly grateful!

Unfortunately I did not finish as strong as I started. A nasty bug I caught the week before the Gala in late February, really threw me for a loop. It’s the sickest I have been in recent memory, where I left the house only a handful of time that week. It zapped my energy so exercise was non-negotiable.

Once I got off track, I found it hard to get out there everyday, especially in March when work was crazy busy. It got so busy that I had to cancel my trip to North Dakota for that ultra so it also took away my biggest carrot at the same. Not a good combination.

It’s funny how life throws your curve balls every once in a while. I guess how you address them and learn from there is the real challenge.

Would I do this again? Absolutely! Next year I might do a slight variation where I can substitute some other activities so I can enjoy some x-c skiing and skating and other wonderful winter activities.

I’m very glad I did this challenge. I got to run more than I probably ever have in the winter. And I really enjoyed it. And it got me out of my comfort zone a bit. Isn’t it what it’s all about?

As far as the #1000burpeechallenge is concerned, I’m a bit behind due to some recent work and vacation. I’m determined to get my 1000 burpees in this month so don’t despair. I just have to play catch up!

It’s like the #150in150, it’s funny that daily practice helps make it much easier…

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