You train your body and your muscles, how about your brain?

You train your body and your muscles, how about your brain?

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Remember the game Memory when you were a kid? Did you think you were getting a workout when you played it? Guess what, you were!

As athletes, we mostly thinking of training our bodies for our events. We do what is written in our programs. And we only end when we’re physically dead tired.

As I’m getting older, I’m always looking to work smarter, not harder. There’s growing evidence about doing some mental training to compliment your physical drills.

You probably saw the somewhat annoying commercials on YouTube for Luminosity. There’s even a local start-up that’s taking to the next level: Personal Neuro Devices. They give you instant feedback about your brain exercise. Pretty cool stuff!

Sports psychology now looks at doing mental reps and it seems to be as beneficial for the athlete as doing physical reps. And no wear and tear on the body. How awesome is that?

Ever since I read a great book called The Brain That Changes Itself, I’ve been very fascinated with the brain as a muscle. There’s always another good book on the brain I reviewed here.

If you’re having an off day from your workouts just remember books are kinda like workouts for the brain. Get into them, it will do you good!

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