You are an Ironman! Musings from #IMMTB…

You are an Ironman! Musings from #IMMTB…

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I spent most of my weekend in the lovely village of Mont-Tremblant cheering on friends while they swam, biked and ran so they could hear those great words: Insert name here, you are an Ironman! (I’m still bitter I didn’t get my name called out as an IM’er at IMC’08 but I’ll get over it one day…)

What an inspirational weekend. I know I said I was basically retired after my last race (Ironman Tremblant 70.3) but I’m seriously getting the bug to do another long distance tri again. I’m even seriously considering next year’s Tremblant 70.3. Especially if I can get Dr. Isaac Cristoveanu to do it with me!

Here are some thoughts from the weekend:

  • Even if you’re not a triathlete, you should check out an Ironman event at some point. You have to respect the commitment of these athletes. And you get a few months’ worth of inspiration all in a day’s work
  • Seeing folks cross the link gave me the chills. And brought tears to my eyes. Seeing the joy of the moment is simply incredible
  • Cheering for an Ironman is a lot of work! I even skipped the swim portion but I tried to cheer on a bunch of folks on the bike and the run. While I sipped a coffee. Or a beer. I had to pace myself too!
  • There were a bunch of amazing performances from local athletes. Way too many to mention! It was awesome to see some great folks getting rewarded for all that hard work with PB’s
  • Just looking at biomechanics out on the course, some folks could use some coaching/reminders. They could enjoy the day a bit more with some more awareness
  • I gave a bunch of folks a Ironman Watching 101 course. It was so cool to see the awe in their eyes. A lot of folks think doing all that exercise (3.8k swim, 180k bike & 42.2k run) is crazy. I agree and I don’t. Depends on the day…

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