You always remember your first time!

You always remember your first time!

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I’m less than a day away from doing another 70.3 (Half Ironman for those not familiar with the Ironman lingo). And the logo to the right says it all…

I still remember my first one like it was yesterday. The non-corporate one was at the Canadian at the end of the 2006 tri season. A small race with lots of family cheering and me caring about where I placed. A lot. Oh the good old days…

My first M-Dot one was two years later at the inaugural Rhode Island 70.3. A great course and an awesome day but what struck me the most was what a production it all was.

If you’ve never been to an Ironman event, it’s worth it just to soak up the atmosphere. A weird mix of spandex, carbon fiber, testosterone and now compression socks…

It all looks a little silly to the naked eye. And now that I’m removed from the hardcore tri crowd, I can attest that it can be. I used to be very preoccupied about my bike splits, my aero wheels and my sperm helmet. Now I just want to play some golf or go for a run with friends. How the time changes everything…

One of the great things I still love about triathlon is that it attracts all kinds of folks. If you wait at the finish line you will see all the ages and shapes and sizes, well after the pros and top finishers have come through.

And it still makes me smile when you see a newbie cross the finish line. You can’t fake that kind of smile!

As for tomorrow, I’m not nervous for this one since I don’t really have goals for myself. Except maybe finish. And don’t die.

Good luck to me!

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