Why is exercise is good for you but bad for weight loss, with help from @YoniFreedhoff…

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I’ve blogged before about how if you’re running for weight loss, you’re fighting a losing battle. I took some heat for that but I can tell you from personal experience it doesn’t really work.

There’s also a lot of evidence and science behind the claim now. The main points include the fact that we underestimate the calories we ingest and we overestimate the calories we burn during the day and during exercise. And the fact our bodies are really good at conserving energy doesn’t add up well for us unfortunately.

To me weight loss is about 80% nutrition and 20% lifestyle/exercise and more and more research is backing it up. Unfortunately we all want it all now so it makes it a challenge for the average person. For it to stick, it’s about sustaining a lifestyle with better habits.

Recently Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, an Ottawa-based obesity doc, did a talk about the subject and even sprinkled in many facts to back up those claims. It’s a bit long at almost 40 minutes but it brings home a lot of good points.

He’s also got a great website, weightymatters.ca, that informs about the indsutry and usually makes fun of the food industry. A great guy too and a great resource!


Also ChiRunning has come out with ChiRunning School, which includes different lessons from Danny Dreyer, the founder. I’ve heard good feedback from folks so check it out!

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