Why ChiRunning?

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I was pondering that very question this morning while drinking my second (or was it my third) cup of coffee? Regardless of what I come up for reasons (and you’ll see my rationale soon), I’m glad I did!

My journey into the world of the Chi started about four years ago when I went to visit my big brother in Vancouver after my first Half Ironman. Even with all the training (and shedding a few pounds along the way), my quads had the audacity to seize up on me on the run. That got me to think that there has to be a better way.

As luck would have it (well as you know, I believe that you make your own luck), I picked up Danny’s book right before I was supposed to fly back. I read part of it before putting it down to carry on with life. I picked it up a few more times throughout that winter and then actually read it all the following spring. I then started to implement the technique, took a workshop, did the instructor training and as they say, the rest is history.

ChiRunning seemed to be a natural for me due to my previous injuries and the fact that I wanted something that was gentler on the body. Since I came to running from the world of triathlon, it was a bonus to be able to run on tired legs. I also loved the fact that it’s backed by science and it feels good when you’re doing it. To me, that’s best of both worlds!

If you’re looking at  different running techniques (Pose/Evolution/ect), I urge you to do research. Just google the terms together and you’ll see all kinds of results. You’ll see that they’re similar but each have their own niche.

I gather that most of you are ChiRunners that read this blog (I could be wrong!), so would you mind getting back to me with your favourite focuses when you run? What helped you learn the technique?

I promise to take some of those comments and expand on them in future posts so everyone can get a better understanding of this wonderful technique!

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