When is your next race?

When is your next race?

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I get asked that very question on a regular basis. And it’s fair question since I used to ask that very question often as well.

Well, there are no current plans for me to race anytime soon. This is the first time in a while where I basically have nothing on the calendar for the fall. And somehow I’m okay with it.

Let’s just say I have a different focus other than racing these days. I’m working on my business, coaching and enjoying activities, mostly with friends. Golf, stand up paddling and hockey are near the top of the list ces jours ci.

It doesn’t mean I don’t get out, it’s just I go out with a totally different focus. Let’s take yesterday for example. My wonderful brother wanted to go for a ride. And that usually means long.

We were looking at cycling from Ottawa to Montreal, similar to last year. For a few reasons including simpler logistics, we ended up doing a loop around Eastern Ontario so we can have lunch in Casselman, our old stomping grounds. Awesome day, even if a bit hot for a 137k ride. No worries about heart rate or speed though, just pure pedaling pleasure!

But we stopped a few times, had a nice lunch and chatted along the way. That seems to be my kind of exercise these days. I’m lucky to have a decent base so I can basically do any form of exercise for a while. I really enjoy getting out there like the recent SUP for CHEO but it’s not always about the competition and final time for me anymore.

But that’s me. What about you? When are you racing next?

And here’s a great video on one of my favourite ChiRunning exercises (knee bending) from fellow instructor Damian Stoy. Try it out!


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