What is your step count?

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It seems we should be taking 10,000 steps everyday in order to stay healthy. Our bodies need to move in order to promote proper blod flow. And something as simple as walking (and obviously running) is a great way to accomplish that.

I’m making a conscious effort to get to 10,000 steps every day. I don’t always get there, especially if I do another activity that is not counted by Basis band such as hockey or swimming.

I remember when I was working at City Hall and we had the 10,000 steps challenge. A few people tried to to recruit me to their teams since all they saw was me walking around building. When we did mneasure our steps, it was also over 10k for my 9-to-5 portion alone. Unfortunately that’s not the case these days…

Having that intelligent band keeps me accountable. I can look at my wrist before bed every night and see how many calories I burned and how many steps I took. They’re usually pretty highly correlated in my world.

It’s sometimes tough when I’m on the road but then I try to take extra steps walking through the airport or do some laps of rest stops along the highway. It might look a bit strange at times but I know it’s good for my back, my mood and my waistline.

I’m not sure how many steps my great grand parents would have taken but since they didn’t have access to cars, planes and Uber like we do, I would venture a few more than us. I’m pretty sure getting to 10k for them was done before breakfast on some days.

I’m looking forward to golf season as not only works the mind a lot for me, it helps me with my step count as well since I walk the majority of the rounds I play.

P.S. My personal record since I got my Basis band is 52K on the day of the NYC Marathon. Any one out there who can beat my PR? I’m looking to up it in May!

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