What corpse pose taught me about rest in training

What corpse pose taught me about rest in training

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As North Americans, we’re usually busy being busy, always looking for the next task or challenge to tackle.

When I was living in Europe (and to some extend the Maritimes), it seems people took a bit more time to just be. It took some getting used to but I grew to really enjoy it. And from what I read, it can be very beneficial.

I find this is where yoga is quite useful. It gets you to relax and go inside your body for a while. And corpse pose is the epitome  of it!

We’re always looking for the next run, the next opportunity to push ourselves. But rest is key in there. The great thing about corpse pose is you’re truly relaxed, if you’re doing it right. You’re told to slowly let it go of it all and just be. And that’s where the benefits of your practice truly soak in.

Have you ever passed out during Shavasana? Who hasn’t! I usually leave a yoga class feeling so zen and I’m somewhat convinced that the corpse pose is the cure to all of life’s problems. In order sports, we usually don’t do much in terms of a cool down or letting the hard work we just finished soak in. Keep that in my next time you push yourself.

When people start training, whether it’s for a running race or a triathlon, they go all out for most of their workouts. They underestimate the need for rest. That’s when you grow and get stronger. It’s all about adaptation and you need to rest in order to be ready for your next tough workout. That’s why sleep is so darn important, same with nutrition.

So take a break, soak it all in next time. Your body will thank you for it!

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