What are differences between pros and Average Joes in athletics?

What are differences between pros and Average Joes in athletics?

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So I was at my local driving range on the weekend working on my golf swing. What a weekend for that!

Here are some of the thoughts that went through my head while people watching. You’ll see that all of these apply to running (and most other sports) as well.

  • Variance in form: From what I can gather, there’s a lot more variance in the form of weekend warriors then in the pros. Ever seen an older gentleman hack at a golf ball or run badly through a local race? You can spot them from a mile away and it’s not pretty. They try to power their way through it all to no avail (except frustration). Pros have variance but the building blocks are usually solid. And they make it look effortless, whether it’s Tiger Woods or Meb Keflezighi.
  • Focus: When they’re out there doing their thing, they’re focusing on one part of their game. Today but there’s always a focus for that particular session. It’s something that I aspire to do in everything that I do and it’s made a big difference.
  • Practice: I remember seeing LPGA star Lexi Thompson when I was in Florida. She spent hours on the range and the practice green while we played. She was also practicing 5-foot putts for almost 30 minutes. Who else does that?
  • Immersion: The pros are immersed in their sport. They hang out and compare themselves with other pros. They have a coach that keep reminding them about good habits and doesn’t let them take too many days off.
  • Commitment: Most of us run a few times a week and then go on with our lives. The pros run almost daily and when they’re not running, they are actively recovering. They have setbacks and injuries but how they battle through those make a big difference since they have commitment to their craft.

Just keep these things in mind if you’re trying to improve your golf game, become a better gardener or you’re trying to get a PB in your next 5k.

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