Want to learn how to ChiRun? Watch children!

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I often get asked what ChiRunning looks like to the naked eye. I’m not always there to do a demo so I usually reply by saying something about watching children run.

If you watch them on the video above you’ll notice a few things including their lean and the pure joy they get from running. Unfortunately you can’t teach that!

You’ll also notice a still torso with only the arms moving ,while the legs open up behind them a lot more then they do in front. Most of them have very little vertical displacement (bounce) while looking ahead, not down at their feet. Don’t they look relax and natural?

They haven’t picked up bad habits yet. And most of the time children don’t wear shoes or at least not all the time. And definitely no high heels for the young girls!

ChiRunning is all about going back to the way we ran as kids Pure and free. I try to get people to forget most of what they know and learned with respect to posture, and powering your way through a run.

It’s hard to argue whether children run the “natural” way as most 5 or 6 year olds don’t take track lessons. So just try to channel your inner child next time you’re out for a run. And be more like them so you can enjoy every step of the way!

I’m excited for my next Maritime adventure as I will be heading to Halifax this weekend to teach. I’ll be doing my first workshop with my new partner Kinesio Sport Lab.

I’m looking forward to smelling the sweet and salty air while I go for a few runs and teach another collection of Chi disciples!

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