Wanna be a superhero?

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Me too! I was watching an old Superman movie yesterday while spending time with my favourite family in the GTA and it got the hamster going.

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Is that a bad thing? I think we should always aspire to do and be more. I just can’t promise superpowers to everyone. But usually good things will happen when you reach for the stars!

The great things about superheroes is they usually don’t lack confidence. Keep that in mind when you’re doing something new or something you’re not great at. Great ones usually start in Smallville as well.

They accentuate their strengths. Yes, Kryptonite can hurt Superman but he doesn’t seem to spend all day pouting about that fact. There are better things to do, like saving the world and getting Timmy out of the well. Capiche?

They usually have flair and panache. A great costume, catch phrase or side kick really goes a long way. Didn’t I say a while back that it’s all about branding? Look good, feel good, play good! (P.S. I’m not telling everyone to go out and buy tons of spandex, even superheroes know their limits)

They also usually finish the movie by kissing the pretty girl. I guess there could be worse endings…

Here’s a great post from Ryan Miller, a fellow ChiRunning instructor. It seems this ChiRunning thing is not only good at preventing injuries and making you an efficient runner, it can make you quite a quick runner. Who knew?!?

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  1. ahhh that one made me smile! need to dig out that WonderWoman costume…err…maybe not :P

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