Wanna apply ChiRunning to swimming? There’s Total Immersion Swimming…

Wanna apply ChiRunning to swimming? There’s Total Immersion Swimming…

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It’s been a sad week for some as Terry Laughlin the founder of Total Immersion (TI) Swimming left us.

I never got around to taking a TI course but I did read the book and looked at a lot of the videos. I also incorporated a lot of the philosophy into my teachings, on land and in the water.

Danny Dreyer, the founder of ChiRunning (CR), called Terry a brother from a different mother as they shared all the major building blocks. They’re all about being more efficient and working smarter, not harder.

It’s funny because people assume there is a lot of technique in swimming but not in running. Erroneous I say!

The basic premise of TI is to glide on top of the water instead of fighting through it. Like gravity and the ground when you run, it’s so much easier to go with the flow as opposed to wasting energy fighting the inevitable forces.

I wish I would have heard about TI earlier in my triathlon career as it would have saved a lot of heavy breathing and heartaches. And strokes!

Our good friend Tim Ferriss even did a great podcast with Terry a few weeks before he passed away. A great interview as usual, full of great nuggets you can apply to swimming and life.

TI is a great way for adults to learn to swim. It’s truly like CR for the water, giving you pointers at every step of the stroke. Try it if you want to get better at swimming. Or life.

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