V-Log: Tips for your first triathlon!

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In this edition of the ECinc video blog, I give a few tips to folks about preparing for raceday of their first triathlon. These tips are also a great reminder for experienced triathletes to enjoy the races some more!

This is quite timely as I’m doing my first triathlon in almost a year tomorrow morning at the Ottawa River Triathlon, part of the local Somersault Series.

I might be a bit undertrained but my only goal is to go out there and have some fun so how can I lose?

My Mom sent me this link and I thought I would share it with folks.

It talks about 7 surprising things that could ruin your run. Some really are surprising…

I’m sure you don’t do any of them and I actually don’t agree with all of them but at least it provides you with some information for your next run. Happy trails!

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