Two words you should be thinking about when running: Tall & Fall!

Two words you should be thinking about when running: Tall & Fall!

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Since I’m a running coach with an emphasis on form I always get questions about proper running form. I could get all geeky on you but today I’m simply gonna mention two words: Tall & Fall.

That’s what you should be thinking about when you head out for a run. I don’t talk much about how the foot strikes in my workshops since to me a proper foot strike is a by-product of proper posture (tall), high cadence and relaxation (fall).

In my workshops I talk about aligning yourself so you’re shoulders are on top of your hips and on top of your ankles, basically drawing a straight line. You want to push up with the crown of your head, not trying to lift your shoulders or leaning back, two mistakes I see often. Running tall or pushing up usually involves so core muscles which is another bonus in my book!

Remember that the fall is from the ankles, not the waist. A lot of people try to power their way through a run, and as soon as you relax you stop trying to stop your forward momentum. The spirit of the fall is all about simply falling ever so slightly so your centre of gravity (core/pelvis/etc) is ahead of where your feet strike the ground. Remember, a broom stick is the best ChiRunner!

Don’t be that tired looking long distance runner hunching over and looking like death. Instead, it should be tall and fall with a smile.

This is especially important if you’re doing triathlons as you just came off the bike where you’re basically bent over for some time. Stay tall and fall to open up the lungs and stretch out those tight hip flexors. And relax, you might even surprise yourself with a PB!

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