Tooting my own horn: What people are saying about my ChiRunning workshops…

Tooting my own horn: What people are saying about my ChiRunning workshops…

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I’m not a huge fan of tooting my own horn but here is a sampling of what real people just like you are saying about my ChiRunning workshops across the country:

ChiRunning taught me what I did well and what I could easily change to run without discomfort
-Theresa Redmond (Ottawa)

Thank you for providing us with such a detailed and enlightening workshop on ChiRunning. You are very personable and professional, and we were very impressed and motivated
-Joe & Susie McGorisk (Windsor)

Prior to your clinic, my running had become sluggish and I would tire easily, resulting in shorter distances and a slow pace. Since taking your ChiRunning workshop, my running has vastly improved
-Gilles Menard (Ottawa)

Before learning the basics of ChiRunning, I would dread the discomfort and soreness in my legs which occurred after/during most runs. Now, I run six times a week and don’t want to stop when I reach my front door
-Andy Coughlin (Ottawa)

I must admit I was somewhat skeptical of the concept (of ChiRunning). The workshop changed my “running life”. I am a total CHI disciple and would encourage all runners to participate in the workshop. The concept does take some practice, but the results are well worth it. It sounds hokey, but I feel like I can run forever and have fallen in LOVE with running once again
-Kelli Hinchey (Yellowknife, NWT)

“Chi” is where its at. It helped me shave 22 minutes off my marathon time this year in Philadelphia. Thanks to Danny Dreyer for introducing this to me through his book and to Eric for his workshop!!! I wish more people would discover this!</p>
-Scott Brown (Bridgewater, NS)

ChiRunning has me learning to run – for the first time ever – where it doesn’t hurt (even while rehabbing a knee injury), tire me out and/or make me sore afterward. Running has become more than just a form of training for soccer; it’s become an activity I’m starting to enjoy. I don’t need things to distract me while running anymore, the run, my form and my surroundings are becoming my focus. It’s an efficient and proactive approach to running and injury prevention. And as a chiropractor, this technique makes me happy – better form, better posture, better health!
-Dr. Lindsay Clement (Ottawa)

Thanks so much for an excellent class! I learned a lot and have enjoyed applying it on my runs. I’ve been running IPod-free so that I can work on the cadence. I think I’m getting better at relaxing my hips. It’s amazing how loose and relaxed my legs feel when I do. Thanks again!
-Jennifer McDonald (Potsdam, NY)

Thanks so much Eric. I so enjoyed the workshop. As a university prof myself, I can get pretty picky about teachers — you were fabulous: clear, funny, confident, compassionate, and responsive;) thank you
-Jane Magrath (Charlottetown, PEI)

Thanks Eric, and thanks again for the great afternoon, your energy along with your simple methods went a long way
-Kellie Monaghan (Petawawa, ON)

I wanted to thank you again for the clinic in Winnipeg. I still need lots of work on the basics but Chi Running has helped me feel comfortable in my goal of doing the distance in 2 hours. Before the clinic, I was running 13.1 miles in about 2 hours 15 minutes on a treadmill. Three weeks after the clinic and lots of practicing the basics, I ran it outdoors in 2 hours 4 minutes and last weekend did it in 1 hour 59 minutes
-Reg Brown (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

I have told quite a few of my running friends about ChiRunning, of course most did not take it too seriously. However after taking 6 minutes off my PB for a half marathon, now they want to learn more. The thing I have found is that I really have to be aware of the way I am running now so it is working. I passed on the info about your next clinic in Halifax to friends and they signed up right away after seeing the improvement in my runs. I am sure your clinic will be a big hit, I dare anybody to take this clinic and not see improvement
-John Clevett (Dartmouth, NS)

Your workshop was informative, fun and the best bang for the buck that I’ve spent on running in a long time. Thanks so much! I know the Bedford Crew came away with a lot of info!
-Larry Baker, Bedford (NS)

Thanks a bunch, Eric, for your GREAT workshop on ChiRunning. The whole group was fun to be with and open to a better way. The feel is different, for sure, but it’s “good” different!
-Tom Rudolph, Halifax (NS)

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