Tips for aspiring PR professionals

Tips for aspiring PR professionals

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I’ve had a few recent grads reach out to me in the past month or two to talk about the current state of public relations/communications and to ask questions.

I don’t know why they single me out but I think it probably has to do with the fact I’ve had a pretty varied career so far. I’m loving it as it keeps me young and lets me know what interests the next generation (man I feel old writing this).

As I blogged about recently on the Intersol site, the world of communications is changing rapidly.

Here are the tips I give these folks (and if these kids are any indication, we’re in great hands for the future):

1. Embrace change: Right now Facebook and Twitter are the drivers but they might not be around in 10 years (remember Friendster?). The majority of PR principles don’t change, whatever platform you use.

2. Keep up on the latest technology: It’s changing fast so you need to know what the kids are talking about at a minimum. For example, I’m not on Pinterest (yet) but I have an interest what it’s used for and who’s on it.

3. Have goals: Where do you want to be in five years? Not having goals is like travelling without a roadmap (or a GPS for you kids!). Be bold!

4. Pick a niche: Comms is a huge field and is intertwined everywhere now. I suggest you pick a sub-culture you like (I started in amateur sport) and study it inside out. Picking something you love will ensure your longevity. The money will come. Trust me.

5. Network: Your network goes with you wherever you go, whether you get fired or promoted. Get involved, whether it’s charity or associations. I should have done more of it earlier in my career. I’m now trying to make up for lost time… ;)

Did I miss anything? Anyone else have some good tips?

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