The secret to getting out of your comfort zone…

The secret to getting out of your comfort zone…

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It’s weird, when I was training for Ironman (all those years ago), a day off felt weird. I was used to do at least one workout per day. Now I’m active but structure outdoor “workouts” are rare. We’re creatures of habit and we get used to stuff very fast.

So what’s your comfort zone? Most of the time we don’t even know. We know we like certain things (usually what we’re good at) and not others (stuff we’re not good at).

I try to always try new things but it’s not always easy. Over the past few years I have started doing HIIT and gone back to lifting weights. And now meditation and some gymnastics stuff. And most likely going to try CrossFit in the coming months.

I won’t lie, I hate being bad at stuff. And being awkward. But you soon realize that the more you try things, the easier it gets to do. Everytime. And you get to add more to the toolbox and experience things most people have never had the chance to do.

Most of the cool stuff that has happened to me has been a direct result of going weird and different, whether it was starting this business, a podcast, doing cold exposure or going #LCHF.

So I’m gonna try a completely different workout today and most likely again in the coming weeks to get me outside of my comfort zone. Any suggestions?

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