The road to recovery…

The road to recovery…

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So I spent the last month or so hobbling after the Raid de Gaspesie and a hockey injury. I was even wearing an air cast on my ankle for a few weeks. Not fun!

The good thing is that it makes you very grateful for being able to run, play sports or even walk pain-free and without any aids.

This is also a microcosm for my life. It’s been a weird month to say the least. It hasn’t been easy, and I’m not just talking about the physical pain. I find when you can’t be active, it really takes a toll on your mental state. I find activities are truly an escape for me so when I can’t do them, it makes a big difference. While being active is when I work out all my demons!

Like I mentioned earlier this year, my reason for working out has changed over the past year or so. Now I’m active mostly to feed my brain. I’m slowly getting the urge back to train, if only get back in better shape so I can race better and/or more often. I also want to feel better in my skin (and in my brain) so why not?

I’m not sure if I will do the Raid or another Ironman next season but I think I will get out there more often even if it’s long rides or a trail run with friends in the Gats.

I’m on my way back, with some swims in the past weeks, some yoga and hockey last weekend. I’ve also taken the time to cook a bit more which feeds my body and soul. Cheesy I know…

My body feels good and I’m hoping everything falls into place soon enough. I might even try a short run tonight. According to Paul Theroux, it seems “Winter is a season of recovery and preparation”. Let’s hope it’s true! :)

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