The little things in life…

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Isn’t that what makes life so wonderful?

I don’t know what it is (am I getting old? Sentimental?) these days but I’m really about the small things in life.

This morning was all about walking to the grocery store and just picking up a few things to cook for the day. I even flirted with the check-out lady and she smiled back!

Now I’m having a mid-morning cup of coffee while I write this blog, which isn’t a bad way to spend a morning. The smell of the chili cooking in the slow-cooker (thanks Mom!) in my kitchen is doing it for me as well.

I’m loving putting some more work in finalizing some workshops in Windsor/London for April. I had some good sessions last night, a great run @ Lulu and a good ChiRunning session at the Albion-Hetherington Rec Centre. I’m also getting some more people started BodyByVi challenge and sharing in their excitement.

Now, I’m looking forward to dinner tonight with two of my favourite ladies, my Mommy and my aunt Francine. I’ll be carb loading (haha!) for tomorrow’s Mad Trapper Snowshoe Series finale, which I’m pumped about. I have a few friends (and newbies) coming out for that.

And to top it all off, I’m doing a posture session with all the Lemonz in Ottawa on Sunday night so their bodies can actually enjoy standing in the stores for hours while they educate the guests that come in. To quote the great Vince Vaughn, people helping people, it’s powerful stuff!

All of these little things are putting me a big smile on my face. Kinda like this guy ===>

P.S. And oh yeah, my friend Meagan is getting me to join Twitter so stay tuned for that!

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