The good and the not so good: #Tremblant70.3 race recap

The good and the not so good: #Tremblant70.3 race recap

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According to the announcer, I did it (the 70.3 equivalent of “You are an Ironman”)! That’s a good thing…

It was definitely an experience. I signed up for this race six months ago or so since the rest of my family was also doing it. Things didn’t really work out that way…

Here are a few good and not so good things about my stay and race in Tremblant:

Good: Hanging out in Tremblant for a few days with some family and friends
Not so good: It can’t last forever…

Good: Seeing Solefit Orthotics’ Ryan Grant coming back in second place. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
Not so good: I didn’t finish in the top ten. Or even come close to my PB…

Good: Nice and easy check-in process for this 70.3
Not so good:  Seeing the number on the scale. Ouch!

Good: Seeing lots of folks cheering out on the course
Not so good: Them seeing me in a tight get-up. At least I was smiling!

Good: No soreness today, all thanks to using the ChiRunning principles out there
Not so good: I should have trained more so I could have pushed more!

Good: Amazing scenery here on the bike and a nice and easy first 70k.
Not so good: The last 20k were not kind to me. That’s when the lack of training caught up to me and my chain falling off didn’t help.

Even if it wasn’t my best result (or even close), I’m glad I did it. Now I need to figure out something for this racing season. It will probably be a quiet one as I slowly get back in shape.

The good thing is that I can still do a Half Ironman with minimal training and smile all the way through it.

Here’s a great article on how Canadian runners are closing the gap on world-class runners with some innovation and high mileage.

I’m really enjoying the features in the Globe & Mail these days!

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