The effects of efficiency in long distance events…

The effects of efficiency in long distance events…

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As I spent some time being a cheerleader at recent races (Ironman Mont Tremblant, Canadian 226, etc), it got me to thinking about what makes a big difference in the long run (pun intended).

After watching the top pack in both races, it was pretty clear most top performers are more alike than the pack chasers, and I’m not talking about body types. Efficiency is the name of the game, especially if you`re spending 10+ hours out on the course.

Here are my top three tips to increase efficiency in long-distance triathlon:

  1. Posture: Making sure you’re aligned is key when you’re trying to move forward. This point was never truer then when I realized swimming on top of the water is a lot easier than trying to swim through it. Hooray for wetsuit legal swims!
  2. Cadence: People think of cadence mostly on the bike but folks who have included into their running training have realized a lot of efficiency gains. I always joke that it feels like you’re floating somewhat or even better yet, running with the Care Bears!
  3. Relaxation: A lot of folks hold tension in unnecessary muscles and it eats away at your energy storage. Make sure you relax as many body parts as possible when you’re out there. When you’re training, ask yourself if you could relax more and keep the same pace. You’ll be amazed!

If you know anything about ChiRunning, you`ll have heard these mentioned before, especially if you’re taken my workshop. I do practice what I preach too, as I actually apply those same principles to almost everything I do including golf, swimming, cycling and even hockey. It`s made me a better athlete but mostly a happier one as I`m not always dead after an event or a long training session.

So what do you concentrate on while doing the long stuff?

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