Sweaty + smiley = healthy

Sweaty + smiley = healthy

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As you get older, you enjoy simplicity more it seems. One of the constants in my life has been exercise and to me it’s pretty simple. Exercise brings me so many benefits it’s hard to pass up for many days in a row.

Exercise is usually different than activities in my books. And training is usually one step above that. Exercise means that you have to sweat. The good thing is that sweating is good for you!

Obviously running is one of my favourite exercises. And as a good Canadian boy, hockey is up there as well. Cycling is pretty fun. I also love to do yoga and golf but I put those in the mind-body activities.

I remember being a Lululemon Ambassador all those years ago and part of their manifesto, they talked about getting sweaty every day and how it rejuvenates your skin. I’m no dermatalogist but I find healthy people have nicer skin.

To me the secret to being healthy is sweating and smiling on a daily basis. That works on your physical and mental health. It’s even better when they are done together in my books!

I understand the relationship with nutrition as well, especially for total health. But for me finding something that gets you sweaty on a regular basis is the key to success in the long run and sustainability. If you’re just doing it because you need to lose weight or because your program says you should, it won’t happen once you’ve reached those goals.

They talk that if you could get exercise in a pill, we could be cured almost instantly since someone would be making money doing this. One of the biggest drawbacks to exercise is that it seems hard to start and it takes time. But to me it’s an investment.

And one of my biggest joys in this world is to get people to enjoy exercise. That’s when you know your job is pure!

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  1. Kathy Davidson-Heney says:

    This is so true! Now that I’m back to doing 10K training, I’ve been healthy again. I run 3 times a week and do tai chi twice a week. During the winter I go to the Y one night a week (bike & elliptical) and during the summer I swap that for a short trail run behind the Sportsplex. I do all that more for my mental health. A bit of weight loss is the happy side affect :-)

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