Spring: A fresh (and usually warmer) start!

Spring: A fresh (and usually warmer) start!

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Like I mentioned in my newsletter, I hope the winter was somewhat kind to you. As you can see from my recent race report, the jury is still out for me. Regardless you should get a big grin on your face since spring is here!

Spring is a great time to get rid of some questionable habits and make new healthy ones. Think of it as your spring cleaning. I’m currently on my way down south for some spring training so I can cycle on smooth roads and have warmer weather for golf practice.

This gives you a clean slate. Were you not as active as you wanted this winter? The warmer weather is the spark you needed to get  your workouts jumpstarted again. Picking a late spring or summer goal also helps.

It seems I’ve been coerced into doing the Epic Dartmouth Iron-distance Triathlon in late June. Well coerced is a bit strong but since my brother is doing it and I needed extra motivation then why not?

What will the spring hold for you?

P.S. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy your Easter eggs. I will use them to fuel a nice ride on Sunday!

I hear a lot of folks talk about plantar fasciitis, especially in the spring it seems. Let’s hope you don’t get it, remember the gradual progress rules!

Here is a great video from sports medicine doc Dr. Jordan Metzl on what it is, how to prevent it and how to cure it.

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