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I had the pleasure of entertaining some good friends this weekend, Dr. Todd Small and Dr. Sarah Dale, both superstar chiros from the Windsor area. They were in  town after Todd stole the show at Ironman Tremblant the weekend before.

We got to talking to education and the next generation and we chatted about Sir Ken Robinson’s invigorating talk so that’s why it’s the video of the day!

Another new study highlighted in this month’s Runner’s World about the impact of changing to a midfoot strike on shin injuries.

One of the authors is none other than our friend Blaise Dubois. Also check out the comments below where he mentions some more of his experience with his patients (he has a physio practice in Quebec City) and the outcome of the changes.

And here’s another Canadian study shows that marathon running isn’t harmful for older adults. Dr. Davinder Jassal’s study, published online in the Journal of Cardiovascular MRI, confirms that marathons are safe for individuals over 50 years of age.

So what are you waiting for?

And it’s back by popular demand!

I’m doing an Intermediate ChiRunning course on Sunday, September 9. It will build on the intro workshop and further your skills while we look at hills, hip rotation and efficiency, the ChiRunning way!

All the details are available on my site here

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