Some healthy summer-ific recipes for you!

Some healthy summer-ific recipes for you!

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It’s not always easy being healthy in the summer, especially with the lure of patios calling you every sunny afternoon. See below for two recipes that might help you in that struggle. Fight the good fight!

First off, here’s a great tip I got from my good friend Kimothy to create a nice summer drink. Cold brewed tea is refreshing, tasty and usually calorie-free!

  • Brew a big pot of tea, any tea you enjoy or have around the house
  • Put it in a big jug and top it off with some cold water
  • Add cut up lemons, limes or fruit to it
  • Let it marinate overnight
  • Enjoy!
I now have a pot of this in the fridge. You can also do iced coffee but I find the tea is a nice change of pace for me since I drink a lot of coffee and water. I’ve done black tea with fruit and green tea with lemon. I have yet to have a bad mix!
Another great refreshing treat is one of my favourite second breakies these days, a healthy yogurt parfait. It’s easy, filling and full of nutrients.
  • Start with a cup of plain Greek yogurt. It’s in high in protein and usually low in fat and sugar
  • Add your favourite cut up fruit
  • I especially like thawed frozen fruit as it has a bit more “juice”
  • Add some nuts and seeds
  • I especially like sunflower and chia seeds or hemp hearts
  • Enjoy!
I hope these recipes sparked a bit of brainstorm as how you can be healthy this summer and still enjoy every minute of it…




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