So what is @ChiRunning all about? Being aware of what you’re actually doing when you run…

So what is @ChiRunning all about? Being aware of what you’re actually doing when you run…

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I always get asked what ChiRunning is all about. I usually answer about bringing the principles of Tai Chi and combining it with the proper running biomechanics. And yet I still get puzzled looks. Oh well!

To me though what it’s really all about is teaching people some awareness when they’re out there. Most people get more about the awareness in their posture than when they run. The good thing is that since it’s base for everything, it carries well to the walking and running stages.

Yes I charge for my services (as it is a business) but for me it’s more of a passion to be honest. I love seeing the lightbulbs coming on in people’s minds when they figure nout that you don’t have to use muscles to actually move ahead. And this usually helps their enjoyment.

It’s very similar to golf in this regard. Most beginner golfers simply try to swing as hard as they can to hit the ball further. What ends up happening if you don’t hit it perfectly is that you’re all over the place with your ball and it’s also very hard to repeat. A proper golf swing, as I’m learning, is about making the body move in the right way so it let the club do the work. It’s the same thing with running and the ground really, letting your body get out of the way.

What ChiRunning really teaches is a system to be able to repeat the form time and time again. It’s all about getting rid of bad habits and trimming the fat from your form. This helps with speed down the road but mostly keeps you away from injures and out there having fun.

I’m quite biased since I’m invested in it (I’ve been teaching it for more than 5 years) but teaching keeps me fresh and lets me look at the technique from a newbie’s frame of mind. I truly believe I bring value to the people I teach. And the smiles I get after the sessions is just a big bonus for me!

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