Safety first kids!

Safety first kids!

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I had to write something about safety since I was part of two major incidents over the past months, both involving cyclists.

The latest was a collision between an older lady who was walking and a cyclist who was trying to go around the two ladies. I was out for a jog and saw the aftermath. I tried to help (thank you First Aid training!) but everything was under control with the help of a local volunteer firefighter. All I could do was run back to the main road to welcome the emergencies vehicle even if it made me almost late for the workshop I was teaching shortly after.

The first one earlier this month was a cyclist going over his handle bars since he didn’t seem to know how to brake quickly. Another older person and the gentleman ended up unconscious from the collision. The good news is that all seem to be fine after all, minus a few scrapes and some scares.

This is just a quick reminder to please be careful when you’re out there. I try to plan my route in advance and have a few spots where I can refuel or de-fuel if I’m doing a longer excursion. Bringing a cell phone is also a good rule of thumb, just don’t carry it in your hands please!

For newbies, you might want to go one step further and learn the rules before you venture out, especially on your bike. Treat any path as a highway, unless told otherwise. You should stick to your right unless you’re passing someone else. Same applies to walkers/runners. Please stay on your side of the path as much as possible and go to single file if you know someone wants to pass.

And this is another reason why I don’t listen to music when I’m out on the trails. Having a good awareness of your environment will help, especially in emergencies.

Being smart about exercise gives you more confidence to get out there and helps you stay healthy and upright so you can return time and time again.

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