Report from our latest Health & Fitness TweetUp: Superfoods by Heather Hughes

Report from our latest Health & Fitness TweetUp: Superfoods by Heather Hughes

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We had the pleasure of listening to Heather Hughes at this week’s TweetUp. Here’s what she had to say:

Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods. They can help you reach an optimum level of health and vibrant energy by providing you with vitamins and minerals missing from your diet. Superfoods are not entirely classified as foods, nor are they entirely classified as medicinal plants or herbs. They are edible, incredibly nutritious plants that are both a food and a medicine… they nurture your body with their nutrient content, and have the ability to heal your body. Superfoods have more bang for the buck than the common foods in your grocery store.

Because these foods are potent, super-concentrated and nutrient-dense, they are extremely satisfying. When you feed your body nutrients that give it vital force and energy, your body’s cravings subside, you boost your immune system, and your body cleanses and alkalize.

Superfoods exceed many of the daily requirements in protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals. They are truly nourishing superheros. Over a long term use, these healing foods correct imbalances and bring you back to a very natural and aboriginal diet.

The nutrient content and antioxidant content of superfoods also help to promote a healthy brain, bones, muscles, hair, skin, nails and organs… in turn, giving you a glowing, vibrancy. Consuming and incorporating superfoods into your healthy lifestyle allows you to achieve optimal levels of energy and your ideal weight. These foods are much more easily assimilated by your body, meaning that the nutrients and minerals are very easily absorbed by the body.

They are so versatile to eat on the go, in smoothies and incorporate into your existing recipes. Here are a few examples of superfoods to look for and incorporate into your health regime:
Goji berries – high in antioxidants
Golden berries – 16% protein content
Maca – hormone balancing
Raw cocoa paste, powder, nibs, & beans – highest level of antioxidants on the ORAC scale
spirulina – 28x higher in iron than beef liver
chlorella – plant with highest amount of chloropyll
chia seeds – plant-based protein, rich in Omega 3
chaga tea – a wild crafted mushroom that has an alkalizing affect on the body

Ensure that the products you are buying are sun dried with no added processing or chemicals. Giddy Yoyo is my favorite brand of high quality superfoods. They are an Ontario company, based out of Orangeville.

When introducing superfoods into your lifestyle, I suggest introducing them slowly and 1-2 at a time. Because of their healing properties, too much, too many all at once can cause your body to experience a healing crisis. I encourage you to listen to your body, watch for signs and symptoms of how your body is reacting to the nutrient-dense foods. You are all individual with very individual needs.

Feel free to contact Heather with any questions you may have regarding superfoods and SUPERfoods workshops! She’s on Facebook and Twitter

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