Race Report: Ottawa River Sprint Triathlon

Race Report: Ottawa River Sprint Triathlon

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So I decided last week to do a triathlon. For fun. And I’m glad I did…

Well maybe not that glad on Saturday morning when I woke up at 6ish and found wet grass and an overcast ski. But the day would get better.

It’s weird, I was somewhat nervous for this race. I hadn’t done a triathlon since the last year’s Tremblant 70.3 and I’m not even sure I could count that as a race. The morning was a bit chilly, especially the swim, but the one nice thing about having a bit more body fat than the average triathlete is that I wasn’t cold, except for the few minutes on the bike.

I had a good race, and I’m quite happy with the results, which is saying a lot for me. It helps when you’re not expecting much and going old school with not much high tech gear. All I had was a carbon bike (pretty standard these days) and a watch.

I kept a positive outlook the whole day. I got tons of motivation from seeing all kinds of people out there, just trying to get to the finish line with a smile. I especially liked getting out there after my race to cheer on some running and triathlon clients.

One thing I don’t miss about tri’s is the numbering done by marker that takes days to come off, regardless of how much you scrub. I had to teach a workshop yesterday and I had to explain all the numbers on my legs and arms.

The good thing is that the race felt good during and after. Granted I didn’t push all that much but no pain or soreness even the next day. A great way to start the weekend and I could still carry on my usual activities.

Now I’m getting the bug again. Maybe an Olympic I will actually race in the coming months after the Iron distance I will do for fun in Darmouth next month. Or maybe another sprint again. I forgot how much fun these races could be…

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