Race Report: National Capital Sprint Triathlon

Race Report: National Capital Sprint Triathlon

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So I decided to do a short race on the weekend. I had made the decision the week before to just go out there and enjoy a race again since I had so much fun at the last raceThis one did not disappoint either!

It turned out to be a nice morning, although a tad chilly for some. Like my wonderful mother who came out to cheer. Here I am hanging out in shorts and my Mom is bundled up in layers.

I biked down to Mooney’s Bay since it’s close, I could warm up while doing it and I wouldn’t have to worry about parking. Talk about efficiency!

When I got there, the site was already pretty full with numerous races underway. I just set up shop and and did my thing (picked up my chip, got marked up, warmed up, etc). It turned out to be a bit warmer than expected and it was nice in the sun.

It was warm enough for me to go without a wetsuit. Combined with a long run to transition and a short swim (500m), I thought it was best. A good decision.

Nice uneventful swim except a lot of limps flapping with a short race and an almost triangular course. A lot of weeds too but no complaints over all. I was out of the water in less than 10 minutes so I was happy. A nice morning for a swim.

Ran up to the transition zone and got the bike. A bit windy on the course, especially on a road bike, but the bike flew by as it always days. I didn’t really look at my watch so I didn’t know if it was good or not. It f elt pretty good but legs felt a bit tired during.

Back to the t-zone to throw on my visor and my running shoes (no socks!). The run was nice, a simple out and back full with people which always bring some motivation. The legs felt decent but I took it easy on the way there. Came back in while picking up the pace gradually over the last km or so.

I came in with energy left in the tank (damn!) but a smile. I beat my time from 2006 so I was happy. Overall a nice race I was happy about. And as my Mom pointed out, yes first Clydesdale.

I did have some rookie mistakes. I forgot my chip in my helmet when I was walking down to the beach and also forgot to set up my bike shoes for a quick mount. Oh well…

One of the highlights was seeing so many familiar faces at the site from old friends to current clients. A great way to start a long weekend!

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