Race report: Mad Trapper Snowshoe Race – The “Transition” Course

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I headed up to the Ark on Saturday morning with the family and some friends for another great time trying not to die up and down the hills of Mike Caldwell’s retreat resort.

This was actually the “flatest” Mad Trapper race I’ve ever done except for maybe killer hills to start and end the race. Mike was kind to us and we were all grateful. You were still cursing his name though as he put the biggest hill to start, about 50 metres into the course. Awesome way to warm up and ease into the course!

My Mom and I opted for the 5k option while my brother tackled the 10k, so two 5k loops. I usually tell people to basically double their road race time to get a quick estimate although this one was a bit faster since the snow wasn’t too deep and it was a bit less hilly than usual.

The weather was perfect as it was -5 or so at the start line. It was the best turnout for the early race as a lot of years it becomes a trail race due to the lack of snow. Most people are like me though and come for the brownies and social aspect after. There are always good prizes and now there’s even beer so it’s really hard not to enjoy yourself…

For those who have never done one of these races, it’s a lot of fun and one of the best workouts around. You can see a short video to give you a preview above, featuring models and superstars. And me.

I highly recommend all of the series but the next race is by far my favourite, the night race. Check out the Mad Trapper site for all the dates and details, and of course to register. I’m hoping to bring a truckload full of people to the night race in early January!

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  1. Brenda Ross says:

    Could not agree more. It was a blast. Hope to see you on Jan 3.

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