Race report: Lunenburg’s Muffin Run

Race report: Lunenburg’s Muffin Run

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Yes you run/race and yes you get muffins. How cool is that?

This turned out to be one of the highlights of my latest trip to the Halifax area. It also included an awesome comedy
show, some great workshops and some quality time with old friends. Great stuff all around. It was actually one of the
coolest weekends I had recently and just what the doctor ordered after a few long weeks.

As you probably know, I love small local races. This one fit the bill. And let’s just say it will be the peak of my
training for next weekend’s Syracuse 70.3. It also was pretty much the only training other than a few runs and some
leisurely rides.

The run was headquartered at the community centre, very cute. And the entire community baked muffins for the 400+ runners. And as you can see from the pic above, it was quite the haul!

It was a nice course with a big loop around the village of Lunenburg. It started fairly flat but as you know Nova Scotia
is not that flat so there were a few decent hills sprinkled through the 5k. It was also quite picturesque as most the
course included water on one or both sides of the roadway. The race also included a sighting of the famous Bluenose ship.  Spoiler alert, it was a bit of a letdown.

It was getting warm halfway through the race but a nice breeze from the water helped a lot. A nearly perfect day for a run weather-wise. We decided to kick it up a notch with a few hundred metres to go and I crossed the finish line a hair ahead of my buddy Scott. A win in my books!

I love the Maritimes as its people are quite friendly. I got to chat with the Mayor of Lunenburg after the race (she beat us) and a few more local superstars. I also got to finally connect with an old Twitter contact that made me feel like a rock star. I don’t know many races in the Ottawa area that can boast that…

This run was pretty awesome all around. It was low-key and very friendly as an outsider. It was also very affordable ($20) and it included a tech shirt. And all-you-can-eat muffins. Now that’s value!

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