Am I pumped for this? You betcha!

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When doing just about anything in life these days, I try to stop and ask myself: Am I looking forward to this? If the answer isn’t positive, I re-examine my actions to make sure that there are some benefits to my actions or else I try to minimize or stop doing that activity.

That doesn’t mean I only do things that make me feel like butterflies and unicorns. I’m just trying to make sure that I enjoy what I do. Like we get reminded on a regular basis, life is too short.

 A lot of people simply sleepwalk through life, doing what they’ve always done or been told to do. What you do as a uni student might not be that beneficial for you as a 30 year old adult (ie eating cold pizza for breakfast, doing shots at the bar, etc).

I was reading something recently that mentioned that you’re six times more likely to be successful at doing something if you’re passionate about it. So think about what you do for the majority of your time next time you’re down in the dumps. And then come up with something that makes you smile!

This comes with a cavaet. Sometimes you have to do things that are not the most fun but help you grow as a person. You gotta get out of your comfort zone on a regular basis. For some people, it’s public speaking. For some (me included), it’s mingling.

Okay, I must go and get ready for this morning’s talk at Lululemon Rideau Centre. I’m talking about ways to reduce running injuries, it should be fun. Then doing a private ChiRunning workshop for some of Ottawa’s top sports health professionals. Tomorrow will be spent doing the Winterman Marathon Relay with some of Lulu’s finest before I go and teach another ChiRunning workshop in the afternoon.

I’m pumped for it all!

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