One of my favourite resources; aka @opl_bpo

One of my favourite resources; aka @opl_bpo

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As you know by now, I’m a bit of a geek. This post won’t help me break out of that mold in your mind!

I love the Ottawa Public Library! There, I said it. Actually I love all the libraries and I remember feeling the same way about the Windsor public library when I lived there.

If you didn’t know it, as a resident, you get free access to all of their offerings including courses and materials. Somehow people are still shocked when I tell them I go to the library on a regular basis!

Why wouldn’t I? In this day and age of inexpensive access to progress and betterment, I can get better at just about anything I want just by going to my local branch (Elmvale Acres, as it bring back memories of high school projects). I use their audio books as a university on wheels. While I’m driving around from meeting to meeting, I can get more knowledge on anything from change management to neuro-plasticity.

They’re also on Twitter where they always have fun content to make you laugh or go hmmm…

And especially now in Ottawa, they’ve really evolved with the times. You can return your books at any of the branches and sign out e-books or digital content. They even let me do a talk at the main branch a while back on ChiRunning. How cool is that?

Okay, enough praise for one day!

And see below for a video ChiWalking produced by the guru Danny Dreyer (the founder of ChiRunning). It gives you an idea of what mindful walking is all about!



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