Never say never…

Never say never…

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My boy Justin Bieber was so right! Never say never.

For the folks who know me, I’m not a huge fan of gyms. I might have used the “n” word and I’ve also openly questioned folks who did all of their workouts indoors. And I’ve had a few choice words about Goodlife over the years as well.

Well who became a Goodlifer over the weekend? You guessed it!

The biggest reason is that I picked up the 6-month membership at the Amazing People Gala (a great cause, obviously) so I know have to use it. I also need a swift kick in the behind so this will help.

Granted I won’t be doing all of my workouts inside but I’m looking to do a big portion at the gym. I won’t be giving up my hockey and my running. I just need a new routine and the convenience factor is very high. And the motivation comes in many ways…

So be careful about the way you talk. Eckhart Tolle mentions this in one of his books about saying the absolutes makes you either black or white. I’ve seen it first hand. It backs you into a corner and then you have the tendency to act irrationally.

Now I start my sentences with “the way I see it”, “in my current situation”” or “in my point of view”. I have tasted my own medicine, and it is very bitter!

I’ve learned to take “never” out of my dictionary. He’s so smart that little Justin!

Also a good article in the Wall Street Journal about older runners. It seems they’re coming out to running and racing in record numbers.

A great trend if you ask me. It’s never too late folks!


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