Need to relax? Try square breathing!

Need to relax? Try square breathing!

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If you would have told me a few years back that conscious breathing would have made a difference in my life, I would have laughed out loud. A few times.

I remember going to a yoga class more than a decade ago and the teacher was telling us to concentrate on our breathing. Really? That’s gonna help my life? How?

I came across square breathing on a recent podcast. It’s very close to some of the Wim Hof Method exercises. So what is it? A four count breath followed by an equal hold. Then a four count inhale followed by another equal hold. The picture above describes it rather well…

Square breathing is a simple, easy, and effective way to calm yourself and enjoy a few minutes of tranquility. And the cool thing is you can practice this mindful breathing exercise anytime, anywhere. If you’re seated, try sitting tall, both feet on the floor. You can also stand and close your eyes to go inside your body. I find the fact it’s quite a visual exercise, it really helps make it real for me.

It regulates the breath and heart rate,and brings a general sense of peace and order to the mind and body. And it’s a nice challenge when you start the holds. Not very natural but very fun after you get the hold of it.

I’ve been working through an adrenal gland issue for the past year or so. And I can tell you the breathing has been a big help to be calm almost at the drop of a hat. And it also helps to put me to sleep when I might be freaking out at night or for a quick daytime nap. Easy and awesome, just the way I like it. If you want a midday break, I highly suggest it. And you can do it for 30 seconds or 10 minutes, that’s the cool part. And no one needs to know…

Anyway, be a skeptic like I was. Then try it. Then we’ll chat! :)

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