NatCapTri Recap: The good, the bad and the next steps (Part III)

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Back when I was bit more focused...

That’s probably the last time you hear about this race, don’t worry.

I learned a lot this race (like every race), well mostly reinforced stuff I already knew. That’s why we race I think.

Like I’ve been learning through the Law of Attraction book I’ve been reading, you becoming the person you think about the most. Now I want to go back to being a lean fast(er) triathlon machine!

So I will have to change my ways and focus on triathlon if I want to go back to my old ways and improve my times. So I have a plan. Wanna hear about it? Well I’m assuming you do if you keep coming back. ;)

  1. For the next 6 weeks, I will focus on my fitness and triathlon.
  2. I will be racing again too. I will do the Sprint at the Canadian and then the Olympic at Esprit. My goal is to take 10 minutes off my time in Montreal from the NatCapTri!
  3. I want to get back to my old racing weight so I will drop 10 lbs by mid-September. I will be starting a new BodyByVi Challenge if anyone wants to join me and keep me accountable.
  4. I will have fun doing all of this. I might not have wine (taking a break until I reach some goals) but if I don’t enjoy my day-to-day then what is the point? And who doesn’t enjoy focusing and getting better?

A little focus goes a long way. I’m looking forward to doing a race I’m proud of. And maybe bringing my watch along this time…

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