My new favourite tool: My @mybasis Fitness Tracker!

My new favourite tool: My @mybasis Fitness Tracker!

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So it’s been almost two months since I picked up the Basis band and I haven’t been disappointed.

The watch does almost everything I want it to and then some. And it gives me the time! How cool is that?

All kidding aside, the best features to me are the heart rate monitor, the sleep score and the gamification piece. Not many fitness trackers have an integrated HR monitor on the wrist. It adds a bit of bulk I’m sure but the data is so valuable.

The data is gives you is pretty cool. How much time you spend in REM while you sleep and how many calories you burn are two of my favourites and it seems to be pretty accurate. It also gives you some points for your activities and habits to make you more active. And I know it’s kinda childish but it works!

It even syncs with your iPhone or with your desktop easily. And the battery is rechargeable. And the interface is pretty cool and easy to play with. Data galore for all you geeks out there!

The only few things I would add is to make it truly waterproof so I can swim with it, have an option to manually enter activities it doesn’t do well like hockey and swimming. But the wishlist is pretty small.

Their customer service is even great. They answer questions promptly, either by email, online or on Twitter in a friendly tone. What more can you ask for?

It makes me more aware of my activity levels (big plus) and actually makes me want to be more active (huge plus). I would highly recommend it to anyone. At least do your homework on what’s out there. They’re still not shipping to Canada but I think it’s just a matter of time. And trust me, it’s worth the drive to the border to get one of these…

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