My mid-month check-in on my challenges…

My mid-month check-in on my challenges…

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I needed these! For those who have no clue what I’m talking about, here is a quick refresher.

I’ve always done yoga on a semi-regular basis since I started almost 10 years ago (wow!) but never everyday. The challenge has been quite enjoyable, especially since these daily sessions are in chunks of 15-25 minutes. That’s manageable even for a busy person like me.

The sessions have all been different and some have been quite challenging. I still remember the session that preps you to do the splits. I was like what?!? I wasn’t graceful like one of those gymnists but I even amazed myself. And I didn’t pull anything!

In the first part of the month I missed a few sessions due to travel and life but I did a few two-a-days to make up for it. It’s pretty incredible how you sleep when a busy day is bookended by two yoga sessions. This challenge has helped me with the enjoyment of getting up early-ish. For that, I’m quite thankful.

And the body feels pretty good these days. I think there will be some residual benefits from this challenge as I think I will be doing yoga more often even after this challenge. I’m also enjoying doing it in the morning since it’s a gentle start to the day and usually gets me sweaty without killing me too much. And it has helped with posture and my body awareness I’m sure. All good things in my book!

And the other challenge? Let’s hope it helps in the long run since it hasn’t been easy. Well all I could say is it gets easier with time, it’s funny how we’re such creatures of habit…

If you’re a long-time reader, you probably heard about this CTV Amazing People Gala I started with some friends. Well we had our kickoff for the next edition in Fall 2015 earlier this month. Pretty cool stuff.

We also launched an online t-shirt campaign that night. For less than $25 you get a cool t-shirt like mine that says “OMG you’re amazing!” and you help five local charities. How amazing is that?

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